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seaofghosts ([personal profile] seaofghosts) wrote2015-01-27 05:41 pm

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It's felt like a lot longer than a year and a half since I wrote here. I barely remember the last time I tried to do anything creative.

Last month I finally finished my bachelor's in history. It was a long time coming and a pain in the ass to accomplish, so I'm extremely glad it's over with. History isn't the most creative of arts, and it made me despise, absolutely despise, writing. That type of writing, anyway. The type that's an obligation. I started having panic attacks whenever I had to do homework, so I had to be medicated just to get through the last semester. 

Anyway, this means I have a lot of free time now. I relocated to Oregon, and I'm currently looking for work. In the meantime, I'll be watching a lot of X-Files and finding things to fill the hours.