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seaofghosts ([personal profile] seaofghosts) wrote2013-06-13 11:14 am

Intro post

I'm starting this journal as a way to foster creativity. I've never considered myself a creative person (I like math, logic and patterns), but I know it's there. Somewhere. I just need to work on it. 

I think this journal will mostly be used for goals I want to work on. I started a journal similarly on Livejournal, but it spiraled into a "normal" journal where I got far too whiny for my own liking. I promise not to be whiny here! 

Things I'd like to do:
  • Storytelling -- somewhat different from writing -- will go into detail on this later
  • Music -- I want to work on both how to play instruments and creating original pieces
  • Pixel art
  • Learn Photoshop -- this will be easy enough to do at work
  • Web design
  • Jewelry making(?) -- this one is iffy because it requires a lot of money that I don't want to spend right now