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Six word stories

The other day as I was waiting between jobs, I decided to write some six word stories. I was inspired by the community [community profile] sixwordstories even though I don't really understand the tags and it seems like most of them are based in a universe many are already familiar with. But I liked the idea because, without knowing anything before reading the six words, you can still get decent imagery from it. Some of the ones from Thursday:


Something else had been on Mars. 

According to the report, he disintegrated.

"The elves are rather hostile today."

His soul flew up to Valhalla. 

The building was no longer there. 

Only the ape found the wormhole. 


I might try to make this a daily thing, since I have trouble finding time to do any substantial writing anymore. I also want to up the word count slowly, like maybe 25 to 50 to 100 and beyond. Maybe do one longer story each week along with the tiny daily ones.